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TV5 Quebec Canada, TV5 Monde

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    TV5 Quebec Canada (Canada)
    TV5 Monde

The series Burlesque, l’art et le jeu de la séduction, introduces us to the biggest players on the international burlesque scene: Montreal, London, Berlin, Chicago, Paris and Las Vegas. It teaches more about this complex art, from its origins and practices to its sub-genres and many flamboyant stars. The show takes us into a sensual universe as fascinating as it is mysterious.

Episode 1 Sequins are a Girl’s Best Friend (Montreal, London)

These two metropolises are the ideal places to explore the origins and the current trends in burlesque, an art form at once feminine and feminist, which celebrates the female body in all its varied forms.

Episode 2 Froufrou in their veins (Berlin, Chicago)

Two cities, two different continents, but the same outrageous energy, pushing burlesque beyond its time-tested conventions.

Episode 3 Viva Las Burlesque ! (Las Vegas, Paris)

The Burlesque scenes in these tourist destinations par excellence draw inspiration from their cities’ characters, one in its history, the other—in its excess.


Ginette Gauthier

Executive producers

Jean-François Boulianne
Marie-Élaine Nadeau
Richard Speer
Josée Vallée
Marie-Claude Wolfe

Mathieu Fontaine


  • Gémeaux 2013 - Best documentary series


  • Gémeaux 2013 - 2 Nominations