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What's for dinner? (Qu'est-ce qu'on mange pour souper?)

Monday to Thursday 5:00 PM, ICI Radio-Canada

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What's for dinner? (Qu'est-ce qu'on mange pour souper?)

Technical Specs

  • Year

    120 × 30 min (2014-2015)
    135 × 30 min (2013-2014)

  • Type
  • Frequency
  • Distribution


  • Broadcaster

    ICI Radio-Canada (Canada)

  • Original Idea from LP8 Média

Our enthusiastic and cheerful chef Danny St Pierre invites viewers to join him in cooking a simple and economical recipe, in real time. This is a show about cooking in your own kitchen. You prepare the food, taste it, experiment with it and serve it. Danny guides, corrects, and motivates you. The goal is for you to be at the table within half an hour with family members, ready to dig into a dish that’s sure to please. Who will get to cook with the chef? Each week from Monday to Thursday, he welcomes a guest from the audience, who cooks alongside him, following his instructions as if he were in their home. As the viewers’ stand-in, the guest will likely make the same errors as we would in our own kitchens. The chef makes sure to guide the guests through all the steps of the recipe, adjusting for any minor slip-ups. And what about Fridays? It’s a celebrity guest’s turn to cook with Danny St Pierre, as they tackle slightly more elaborate dinner-party fare. Ready to dive into the heat of the kitchen? WHAT’S FOR DINNER? is a one-of-a-kind show that motivates viewers to cook every night of the week.
Stove all set? Apron tied? Let’s go!


Martin Métivier

Danny St Pierre

Daniel Poirier (season 1)
Sébastien Hurtubise (season 2)
Jean-François Poisson (season 2)


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