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Canal D, RDS, RDS2, CTV, TSN

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Technical Specs

  • Year

    20 × 30 min (2016-2017)
    16 × 30 min (2015-2016)
    28 × 30 min (2014-2015)
    27 × 30 min (2013-2014)

  • Type
  • Frequency
  • Broadcaster

    Canal D, RDS, RDS2, CTV, TSN (Canada)

In Canada, the world of professional hockey is a source of fascination and admiration. Who are these heroes acclaimed by enthralled crowds capable of exploits that will be talked about for years? What is really happening on the ice during games? What is being said? What does it mean to be a professional athlete on a daily basis? Who are these players? How do the bosses manage it all? And what does the general manager and his men discuss before and aftergames?
Following the Montreal Canadiens throughout the hockey season, the series focuses on the lives of players and managers both in Montreal and abroad. With privileged access to places usually off-limits to the public, 24CH offers an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at a hockey team. Viewers will have the opportunity to better understand the men who, day in and day out, live for one thing: winning.

Line producer

Josée Comtois


Marie-Christine Pouliot

Executive producers

Marleen Beaulieu
Marie-Élaine Nadeau

Content Collaborator
Justin Kingsley

Olivier Benoit-Laurence
Raphaël Denommé

Researcher in chief
Jean-Philippe LaRose


  • Gémeaux 2015 - Best Sports/Leisure Program or Series
  • Gémeaux 2014 - Best Sports/Leisure Program or Series